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Those who wish to become members or inquire about membership are asked to meet three times with the Pastor to review the basics of the Christian faith and gain an understanding of the Christian Reformed denomination. These are either done during the Sunday School hour, or by appointment.

For those who wish to make profession of faith or simply want to learn more about or review the Bible and the Christian faith, along with a fresh look at the Reformed Faith, the pastoral staff gladly will give a three to four session series on BASIC CHRISTIANITY. It explains questions such as, “What is the Old Testament all about?”, “Who did Jesus say He was?” “Why are there so many different kinds of churches?”, “What does Baptism mean?”, as well as any other questions one might be wondering about. This study may be done with individuals or couples, in the home or at the church. The pastoral staff enjoys helping people to understand what it means to believe in Jesus and belong to His church.