Living, Learning, Leading, Loving

Who We Are

Basic Beliefs

The symbol of the Christian Reformed Church is the cross, superimposed upon the cross symbolizes that Jesus died to save us from sin, and that He is the center of the Church’s life. The triangle represents the universal symbol of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

ROLLING ACRES – The church is located in the south part of Mason City in the Rolling Acres sub-division.

CHRISTIAN – We share with Christians all over the world a common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

REFORMED – We stand in the tradition of the historic Protestant Reformation relying on the God-inspired Bible as our authoritative standard for faith and life. We continually examine our teachings and lifestyles in terms of the Bible.

CHURCH – We count it a joy to be a part of the family of God, which extends throughout the whole world and history.


Our Vision

Our vision is to reach out into the diverse North Iowa community to expand and nurture the family of God as a welcoming and caring fellowship of believers.

We will be a light to draw people to Christ through agape love and friendship evangelism, as they join us in a community centered on Christ and taught through Gods Word, the Bible.


Our Mission Statement

As disciples of Jesus Christ, the purpose of Rolling Acres Christian Reformed Church is to glorify God by building up and equipping one another, proclaiming the gospel to all, and making new disciples for Jesus Christ. We do this through the grace of the Holy Spirit in a joyful fellowship of love, encouragement and unity.


Our History

Home Missions opened Mason City as a mission field in June of 1960. Rev. Vernon Luchies spent six weeks working in Mason City during the summer of 1960. The group began two worship services on June 12, 1960 at the Junior College Lounge.

Near the end of the first summer Rev. Luchies said that there was no Reformed witness in the city and “not a great deal of any sound evangelical witness.” The membership of the starting group was very small. In December, 1960, there was an average attendance of 15 in the morning service and ten in the evening service.

In 1962 Candidate Wendell Gebben accepted the challenge to minister in this Home Mission field. In 1964 the church and the parsonage were constructed. The church has an excellent piece of land on the south side of the city. Rev. Gebben accepted a call to Muskegon, Michigan, in July of 1967. Candidate Ken Bakker began his work in the fall of 1967, followed by Rev. William Stroo in 1970. In 1976 Rev. Maury De Young began serving here as Pastor. Two Seminary interns worked with Rev. De Young in 1980 and 1981.

September of 1982 Rev. Jack Vanden Heuvel joined Rev. De Young in a team ministry. Rev. Jack Vanden Heuvel had served a church in Michigan for ten years. Home Missions sponsored the arrangement on a two year trial basis to provide extra impetus for evangelism, expecting the Mason City population to grow. The general job description called for Pastor Maury to lead in the areas of administration and evangelism, and Pastor Jack in the areas of pastoral care and education. They were two good years of ministry, closing with Rev. De Young accepting a call to a Home Missions Church Planting ministry in Springfield, Illinois in October of 1984. It was decided to have Pastor Jack continue as the single Pastor and end the team ministry experiment. Instead of the projected population growth of Mason City, the farm crisis hit. The church graduated from Home Missions in January, 1986.

We added a second story addition to the Sunday School wing in 1982. In 1998 we put on a $330,000 addition, greatly expanding room for fellowship, worship, fun, and a great kitchen area, as well as a handicap accessible restroom. We also put a drive up front door on the North side of the building. In 2002 a part time secretary and half time Youth Director were hired. The Youth Director was also hired by Youth For Christ at half time. He moved on to continue his studies, and we hired another Director full time, and presently do not have one. We do currently have many adults energetically leading our Junior and Senior High Youth Groups. We now seek an ordained Pastor to share the leadership of the congregation, to expand our ministry to both reach out and grow ourselves as disciples.

The membership of the church is varied. In a study done during the team ministry only 25% were from CRC/Reformed background. 50% had been unchurched. We enjoy the variety of backgrounds, and welcome all ages. A large number of the congregation is noticeably young.

We have five elders and five deacons. Committees include the Worship & Evangelism Committee, the Fellowship & Education Committee, the Building and Grounds Committee, and the Long Range Planning Committee. These committees are very important, and they get much work done. Anyone is invited to serve on these committees. Teaching and voting privileges are granted to official members.

In 1999 we went off all Fund for Smaller Churches funding. We have been giving our full ministry shares to the denomination since 1997, in support of many large denominational ministries that could not get done without many churches participating together. Our worship services are committed to blended music, using both contemporary and traditional hymns, and use an overhead projection system. We have a strong emphasis on good Biblical and practical sermons, and at the same time wanting participation of others in prayer, sharing, and announcements.

In 2006 we began offering two Sunday morning services to enable more people to attend church with more choice of times, and with a desire to have members reach out and invite friends to worship. The Two Service format allows both services to include each week either a Skit, Puppets, a Faith Story, or a Children’s Presentation. Both services have blended music (includes both contemporary and traditional hymns), with the first service having a more traditional emphasis, and the second service having a more contemporary emphasis.

Ministry Focus

We minister to all who enter our doors to worship the Lord. Not to single out young or old, married or single, but to minister to ALL as the family of God. Programs such as Cadets and Gems, Sunday School, Junior High, High School Teens, Childrens Worship, Childrens Presentation, Vacation Bible School, are designed to target the needs of families with children.

Our Structure

(Parallels federal government)
• 2 elders and 2 pastors from each classis are delegates
• Meets annually, usually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Synod is representational with deliberative assemblies
(Parallels state government)
• 1 pastor and 1 elder from each Council are delegates
• Meet twice a year or as needed
(Local government)
• elders and deacons vary in number with size of congregation
• meet monthly

Council is the governing group in the church, made up of elders and deacons. They work together as the Council to make decisions about the church, and approve or overview decisions of the committees through the minutes. The deacons are primarily responsible for the finances of the church, keeping track of all donations, counting the money, and dealing with benevolent needs in the church and community. The elders are primarily responsible for the pastoral concerns and deal with the more sensitive issues that come up in the life of the church. The Council meets regularly once a month.

Congregational Meeting
• meets annually in December, or as needed to vote on elders and deacons, the church budget, and any other matters presented as information or for vote.
all official members by profession of faith over 18 may vote